Welcome to 2020!

Hello everyone

Welcome to our first newsletter of 2020!

We’ve been busy building an exciting programme for the year, including ‘Mrs Pop-ins’ Parent Support & Skill Building Sessions which will run across various locations in Scotland and a new Robotics Club. We’ve also got our much loved family fun days and a new programme of social communication clubs for children and young people.

Our services run in various areas in Scotland and we engage with families online across the country.

Just to refresh your knowledge – remember that we are an independent charity and run a Helpline for you to ask questions and get some guidance from people who know what it’s like to be parents of children who struggle with speech and language and the additional needs that come with it.

For more pressing problems, we can refer you for a one-to-one consultation with our family support coaches who can provide in depth support for you and your child if required.

Children’s SLC needs are diverse and often complex. The world of speech and language is not an easy one to understand or navigate. Our aim is to make the family journey easier. A child’s SLCN (speech language communication needs) naturally change through ages and stages; coursing the shifts and transitions from environments and landscapes, children and families will benefit from knowledge, skills and confidence to equip them to find the most effective and useful ways to communicate.

Especially important for mums and dads whose children are very young, and their challenges not fully identified or understood. There is no map for parenting children living with neurodiversity. It is a big word isn’t it? You won’t necessarily understand it, but don’t be frightened of it – embrace it. Your child is unique, you just need to figure out what that looks like for your child and how you can become their most effective supporter and teacher.

For children from infants to young adults, we offer quality guidance and support for parents and carers but also run inclusive and educational clubs and sessions which can help boost children and young people’s language, social communication and offer opportunities for friendship and shared activity.

We also look out for the emotional health of busy mums, dads and the wider family. Get involved with us, join us on a family fun day. Our events calendar (2020 coming soon) is on the website for you to book – check it out.

Please make sure you talk to us and make use of our resources – they’re free and we’d love to hear from you. Join us for a conversation on social media – share your comments or a photo on Facebook/Twitter

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