What’s APPening – Speech Blubs

Our featured App this month is Speech Blubs – an interactive App that allows the child to mimic speech sounds from other children!

Your child will build vocabulary and concepts related to everything under the sun. You’ll find sections on colours, numbers, and shapes, creative sections for songs & rhymes, as well as lessons on body parts, animals, vehicles, jobs, foods, and much more.

Here’s what others are saying;

“My son, who is almost three years old and very speech delayed really enjoys this app so far. He won’t repeat words for me, but he is modelling the kids on the app.” @Nyssa

“It’s such a simple concept, yet my child absolutely loves it. He loves imitating the other children which surprises me with his developmental delay. Very cool app. It’s worth the purchase.” @Socoone

“Amazing App for Toddlers. Probably one of the best interactive children’s apps, my child enjoys it very much. Worth it.” @Countryshot

Read more about Speech Blubs here https://speechblubs.com

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