Video Learning Suite Coming Soon

With funding from Edinburgh University’s Community Programme we have created a series of video tutorials for parents and guardians to watch and try. They demonstrate activities that families can engage in and show how to adapt activities to suit a child’s needs and abilities.

The videos are the first in a planned series. The first six cover the following topics:

1. Attention and Listening Skills

2. Positive Adult and Child Interactions

3.  Developing Vocabulary And Information Carrying Words

4. Social Stories

5. Visual Supports: Visual Cues and Timetables

6. Social Skills

The suite will also include some interesting videos of parents talking about their experiences. We know that sharing stories can be therapeutic and helpful for other families who are going through similar experiences.  

We are planning a whole series of videos based on what parents tell us they’d like to know more about. If you have any ideas or areas of interest you’d like us to cover plese get in touch. 

 Look out for the launch date on social media, you can check them out and let us know what you think. Follow us on Facebook now– don’t miss out! 

 Our videos are all about helping you to become more confident and learning skills to use to home. Parents are the experts on their own children and know what works best. Creating a positive home learning environment is something that will optimise your child’s learning and support a child’s speech and language. Parents tell us that they’re not always sure about what to do and how to do it. We understand how difficult it can be at times. We know that parents want to do the right thing and be the best support they cm be for their children. The videos are a new way of working directly with parents to understand and design resources that will help you become more effective communicators with your children.