Did you know? #1

When SLTs refer to language, what they really mean is receptive and expressive language 

Receptive language is the ability to remember and understand what has been said, also known as comprehension.  

Expressive language relates to verbally delivering information and this may be through sign language or gestures.  

SLTs don’t always address verbal issues. Social and problem solving skills are essential and can become a weakness for kids that struggle with communication.  

Social skills are referred to as pragmatic language skills, these include asking and responding to information.  

An SLT might assist with exercising cognitive skills to allow active thinking which improves problem solving issues. 

If you’d like to learn more about the different type of conditions and disorders that might affect your child, our parent workshops help parents understand how they can support their child’s language development and learn about how the brain works. Neurodiversity is fascinating and not something to be frightened of. Better informed parents mean better supported children. Sign up for our parent workshops We run them across Scotland.  

Communication is key! Improving communication has a direct impact on improving children’s self-confidence, their wellbeing and peer relationships 

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