Did you know #5

Did you know… 

Families play a crucial role in developing children’s speech and language skills? 

Parent are the key determinants in achieving outcomes for children. Parents are the experts as they know their children best. 

Studies show that speech and language therapy is more effective when involving a child’s family in home therapy. Children trust and are more open to trying activities when they are led by their parents and guardians. 

Furthermore, parents can provide a good level of speech and language support for their child when given the right tools, training and guidance. 

Referrals to speech and language therapy might take a while, so it is important to start developing your child’s skills as soon as possible through play and everyday exercises.  

Speech and language therapy is not a given, many children don’t fit the criteria for specialist help. Many parents contact us when they have concerns about their children’s speech or language or notice communication difficulties. It’s the most common developmental delay in children and it’s better to seek help with concerns as soon as possible. 

Every child is different therefore it is really important to find out what works for them. If you would like advice or help, SLCo runs 1-to-1 support sessions with families to determine the best approach to home therapy. To organise one, please email us at admin@s-l-co.uk or call us on 01382 202644 


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