Did You Know #6

Did you know… 

There are several processes happening during speech and communication that are complex and require attention. Children with speech, language and communication difficulties can experience any or several of them as obstacles. During communication there are 5 main tasks: 

  1. Focussing attention and listening to what is being said, 
  1. Noticing non-verbal cues from your conversation partner, 
  1. Understanding what is being said and how? 
  1. Expressing own thoughts, thinking about word choice, grammar, and emphasis 
  1. Producing the necessary speech sounds to communicate 

In different environments, different parts would be more important, so a child is also expected to pick up on these variations and adapt their language to suit the situation. Along with that, there could be many more triggering aspects to your child being able to comprehend others and express their experience. 

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