SLCo’s Winter Message

Christmas is here again, and we have found ourselves in uncertain times.

We may not be able to enjoy the planned festivities with family and friends that we had all been looking forward to.

When there are children in families who need extra support, it makes it extremely challenging for parents and carers.

Many families that include children who need extra support find it challenging to cope at the best of times, never mind when there are additional concerns.

Whilst there are so many resilient parents and carers out there we are reminded that there are also many families who struggle with the demands that are put upon them.

Stress, isolation and feelings of being on your own can be overwhelming, especially for those who are parenting alone. Sometimes a friendly voice at the end of the phone can help.

If we all could remember to pick up the phone and call neighbours and acquaintances that might benefit from a few minutes of our time, we might make a positive difference to someone’s life this Xmas.

SLCo’s Helpline is open over Xmas so feel free to call us or pass our details on.

We have continued to run our clubs and activities throughout the pandemic, and we’ll start up again in the new year refreshed and recharged with several new clubs to keep our children and young people supported.

Check out the links for club information and get in touch to find out how we could help your child. Our Helpline is available for anyone who needs someone to talk to.

Please do make sure that your children are registered for our new clubs to avoid disappointment.

Chill, the mental health network will still be talking to young people even though the offices are closed over the holiday period.

We wish you all a Happy Christmas and look forward to reconnecting with you in 2022.

We also send heartfelt thanks to our team of staff and volunteers who have worked tirelessly throughout a very challenging year.

Stay safe and well.

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