SLCo’s Summer Message

We are really delighted to introduce you to Kate Biss, a highly skilled and experienced independent speech and language therapist who will be working with us to provide up-to-date guidance and helpful resources for parents and carers. 

Understanding what speech and language therapists do and how they work with parents to help build children’s language and communication skills at home is essential. 

Families whose children are referred for an SLT assessment often must wait many months for an appointment.  It’s really important that parents are able to work with their children at home whilst waiting for clinical assessments and therapy, should they need it. 

Our aim is to provide families with as much guidance and support as we can, and parents tell us that they are often unclear about their role in helping to create an effective communication and learning environment at home. 

In order to deliver effective strategies to help boost children’s language, parents need to know what to do and how to do it with confidence. 

SLCo can work directly with families offering guidance to put this in place. As well as developing online and downloadable resources, we run Mrs Pop-ins sessions in local communities that allow parents access to our trained family coaches.   

Kate’s professional and insightful input will help us enhance our family resources and will include factsheets and videos, which you can read, watch and learn from. 

Kate will be covering key strategies for families over the coming year, featuring topics that parents constantly tell us that they need help with. If you would like us to focus on a topic that you need help with let us know. Our Helpline is always available if you’d like to talk to us – 01382 250060

We will highlight our new resources as they become available via updates to our newsletter subscribers and anyone can access these free resources from our website.  

We are currently updating our site with a fresh new look. It’s coming soon!  If you’d like to find out more, you can join us on social media for updates.

You can hear a bit about Kate and her work in this short introduction.

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