A New Fred & Tallulah Club Is Starting!

The demand from parents who need help with young children who present with a neurodiverse profile is high.

Children may be struggling with words, not reaching developmental milestones as expected, have problems with attention and behaviour. It can be all sorts of things and usually is! Each child is different.

Pre-schoolers may also be diagnosed with DLD (Developmental Language Disorder) or autism or may be undergoing tests to define problems.

In the early years everything takes such a long time. Families have to wait and navigate their way through multiple appointments with clinicians, educators whilst their child undergoes tests and checks, all the while often not understanding what might be wrong and what to do about it.

A young child’s brain develops at a rapid pace, and it is absolutely critical that guidance is provided for parents and carers as early as possible gain an understanding of how to become more effective in their roles.

Children benefit from being with other children, parents benefit from sharing experiences with each other and learning how to cope.

Fred & Tallulah Under 5s is designed to help busy mums and dads create a more effective home environment and to offer a space where children who often struggle in groups can come together and enjoy being with others in a safe and constructive play environment.

Mums and dads tell us how isolated they feel as there aren’t many clubs or support systems for children who find being with other children a challenge.

The under 5s club is all about play and will help children learn to engage and be with others in group settings, essential as they move through nursery and into school settings. Play is the order of the day. This is where children learn most.

With the help of a family coach, identifying problems areas, exploring what might help and working around the needs of a family will offer that key support for parents.

The space will be super friendly and allow families to come together and seek help if they need it. Sitting having a chat and a coffee with others who know how you feel can feel really therapeutic.

Trained staff will help children play together and design activity that will help build the really important social communication skills that they need.

If you and your child would like to join, contact Laura 07458300803 or by emailing YouthClub@s-l-co.uk for more details and how to register.

If you and your child would benefit from a support group in your area, please let us know!


All of our clubs need to be funded and we try so hard to fundraise for children.

We’ve got our first under 5s club starting, we need more.

If you could help us fundraise, we’d be delighted to hear from you.

You might have an idea to run a coffee morning, a mini cyclathon, a dog walk, get your kids to do a sponsored silence.

Whatever it is, your contributions will help give a child a voice.

Contac Karlene, who supports our volunteers by email volunteering@s-l-co.uk or Carley at events@s-l-co.uk.

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