SLCo’s Autumn Message

Welcome to our Autumn edition of Voice. We hope you find something of interest. Do let us know if you’d like us to feature a topic in future editions.

Many parents ask for advice through our Helpline as they are concerned at the amount of time that young people spend isolated in their bedrooms with their devices.

Now that autumn and winter approaches, lots of young folk spend more time locked behind bedroom doors rather than being outside.

Particularly challenging for those who can be excluded from mainstream clubs and lack friends due to lack of social circles.

All the more reason to check out our clubs – they offer fun and friendship with activities designed to boost confidence and social skills.

You can read about a brand-new club that has just started in East Dunbartonshire for under 5’s.

For more information, please contact Laura by calling 07458300803 or emailing her at


All of our clubs need to be funded and we try so hard to fundraise for children.

We’ve got our first under 5s club starting, we need more.

If you could help us fundraise, we’d be delighted to hear from you.

You might have an idea to run a coffee morning, a mini cyclathon, a dog walk, get your kids to do a sponsored silence.

Whatever it is, your contributions will help give a child a voice.

Contact Lauren, who supports our volunteers by email giving@ or Carley at

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