Family Support Programme- Parent Story

“The Family Support Programme in Edinburgh has really helped my son, it has been at times a lifeline for us as a family.  He has a diagnosis of ASD which has had a huge impact on us as a family. We had been unable to attend ‘normal’ clubs and activities which other families take for granted.  We noticed too that he was never invited to other children’s Birthday parties and subsequently I did not get to know any of the other mum’s which resulted in us both feeling excluded and not a part of our community.  Since coming along to SLCo family social events, Workshops designed for parents and my son being able to attend some of the Clubs on his own has helped us feel we can cope and that we are not alone.  For the first time we have found that we are now doing things like other families and don’t feel hidden away, our confidence has grown as a family, all thanks to SLCo.  I would recommend anyone to contact Judith from SLCo for help and advice as the strategies provided made us feel like we were doing something positive and helpful which did improve my son’s speech and how he was able to communicate with other children.  It has been a great service for us as a whole family!”


To find out more information about our Family Support Programme and Clubs running in Edinburgh contact;

Judith at or call 07507535857

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