Picture of young girl reading book by window. Text says "Did you know..."

Did You Know #6

Did you know…  There are several processes happening during speech and communication that are complex and require attention. Children with speech, language and communication difficulties can experience any or several of them as obstacles. During communication there are 5 main tasks:  Focussing attention and listening to what is being said,  Noticing non-verbal cues from your conversation partner, …Continue reading Did You Know #6

SLCo’s Autumn Message

Now that autumn and winter approaches, lots of young folk spend more time locked behind bedroom doors rather than being outside. Particularly challenging for those who can be excluded from mainstream clubs and lack friends due to lack of social opportunities. All the more reason to check out our clubs – they offer fun and…Continue reading SLCo’s Autumn Message

SLCo’s Summer Message

We are really delighted to introduce you to Kate Biss, a highly skilled and experienced independent speech and language therapist who will be working with us to provide up-to-date guidance and helpful resources for parents and carers.  Understanding what speech and language therapists do and how they work with parents to help build children’s language…Continue reading SLCo’s Summer Message

Did You Know #8

Interactions and Owling   That majority of crucial language learning occurs before children are able to speak words?  In the early years, even in the first days of life, infants develop important skills needed to become future conversation partners.  As the closest people, parents and guardians have the most influence and impact on their child’s…Continue reading Did You Know #8

Did You Know #7

Sleep is vital in the language learning process? Studies have proven the important part sleeping has in aiding memory and retaining new information like vocabulary. Children with sleep disturbances have been noted to have more difficulties with developing speech, language and communication skills. Which is why it is crucial to encourage healthy sleeping habits and…Continue reading Did You Know #7