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What is Brick Club?

SLCo Brick Club is a social development programme to help children and young people with autism spectrum disorders and social communication difficulties. Children work together to build Lego® models and through this, have the opportunity to develop social skills such as taking turns, collaboration and social communication.

Lego®-based therapy can be used individually or in groups, facilitated by a therapist. The therapist is key to working with young people to maximise their skills and help develop their communication.

What do we do?

Brick Club sessions last for 2 hours and run in 6-weekly blocks. In the sessions, children play in groups of 2 or 3. Children take it in turns to play out defined roles, which are part of the therapeutic process. Other activities include building models without instructions. This helps children to make friends, socialise, build natural interaction and improve communication skills. The therapist observes interactions and prompts children to solve any social difficulties that might arise through developing collaboration. This helps the children’s problem-solving, focus and communication skills. Research has shown that this therapy helps to make significant improvements in children with social communication difficulties. And, of course, they love to be together and play!

Research has shown that many children on the autism spectrum benefit from play-based therapies where they are encouraged to communicate without that feeling like the “end goal”. Researchers from the UK and USA have been working on Lego®-based therapy and have found it very successful for encouraging children to communicate to each other and to therapists, all while having fun. As every child is different, there is absolutely no guarantee they will enjoy it or engage with it but if your child takes to it, it can be a fun and relaxing way to help them develop their language skills.

Is my child eligible?

If your child is aged 6-12, and has social communication difficulties, they are very likely to be eligible. If your child is aged 12-18, please contact us to enquire.

How much does it cost?

Brick Club has a joining fee of £20 in advance for each child and a one-off cost for each 6-week block, payable in advance. Costs may vary.