Cameron and Marcia’s story

Cameron started to attend one of our local Brick Clubs primarily because his mum, Marcia felt there was nothing available in Edinburgh to help him learn to communicate with other children. Cameron was completely non-verbal until he was 3 years old. At age 6 he can now speak but not in full sentences, mostly with…Continue reading Cameron and Marcia’s story

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Harry’s Story

Let’s talk about Harry… This family has benefited from contact and support with us since April 2018. Harry is 9 years old with a Developmental Language Disorder, who attends mainstream school. Although often very clever (often referred to in education speak as having ‘spikey’ profiles) and able to excel in certain things, children with DLD…Continue reading Harry’s Story

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Tina And Rollo’s Story

“My name is Tina and I have a young son Rollo aged 5 who’s just started school. He’s great but he has problems with his speech and finds it difficult in class because he doesn’t understand instructions too well. He got by when he went to nursery but now, he’s been flagged up again as…Continue reading Tina And Rollo’s Story