SLCO’s Winter Message

Hey, everyone, it’s almost Xmas!  It’s our final newsletter of the year, we hope you find something of interest in the winter edition.   It’s been one heck of a year for us all hasn’t it? Families are still reeling from the effects of the pandemic and now we’re all facing uncertainty along with financial pressures…Continue reading SLCO’s Winter Message

Did You Know?… 10

Did you know?  The challenges for children who have poor language and communication skills are often heightened by emotional struggles and difficulties with regulating their behaviour.  So, what do we know about these things?  How important is it that children are ‘diagnosed’? And if so, what difference does that make to what support they need? …Continue reading Did You Know?… 10

Kate Biss Winter Thoughts

It’s the 15th December and I’m sure that you will be shocked to hear that I don’t have ANY Christmas decorations up in my house!    Life just got rather overwhelming; working away at the beginning of December, coming back to a full week of work and catching up on top.  Not to mention the house,…Continue reading Kate Biss Winter Thoughts

Over & Out- Parent Story

I seem to have lived my whole life waiting. From the beginning my children have needed extra help and all I seem to remember is pleading to doctors, paediatricians, therapists, teachers in schools and all sorts of people, looking for some sort of help. Throughout the years, I have gathered that children are supposed to…Continue reading Over & Out- Parent Story

Did You Know #7

Sleep is vital in the language learning process? Studies have proven the important part sleeping has in aiding memory and retaining new information like vocabulary. Children with sleep disturbances have been noted to have more difficulties with developing speech, language and communication skills. Which is why it is crucial to encourage healthy sleeping habits and…Continue reading Did You Know #7

Chill youth club

Feeling isolated can make us feel sad, excluded, and affect us in all sorts of ways. Chill is a network of support for anyone who feels they need people to talk to, to do things with, and to be part of a group of friends.  Our Chill youth club runs online through Zoom every Monday from 6.30…Continue reading Chill youth club

Did you know? #1

When SLTs refer to language, what they really mean is receptive and expressive language.   Receptive language is the ability to remember and understand what has been said, also known as comprehension.   Expressive language relates to verbally delivering information and this may be through sign language or gestures.   SLTs don’t always address verbal issues. Social and problem solving skills are essential and can become a weakness…Continue reading Did you know? #1

Keep Focus

Parents often talk about issues they’re concerned about through our helpline or parent network. The inability of a child to pay attention is a common topic.   Karen has a daughter, Harley, who’s almost 9 and has a real problem with paying attention. She doesn’t cope well at school because she is so easily distracted.   Hayley’s father has ADHD and really understands how Hayley’s experience is so similar to his own.  Karen is worried about her daughter and looking for help to improve her attention.  Hayley’s…Continue reading Keep Focus

Our Edinburgh Family Support

The Family Support Programme offers families emotional support and skills-based activity across Edinburgh Edinburgh runs a Mrs Pop-ins programme of drop-in and group sessions that help mums and dads learn more about supporting speech and language kids. Fun family days out are planned throughout the year which helps bring children and families together to share…Continue reading Our Edinburgh Family Support

Magic Moments – Tommy’s Story

Tommy is aged 7 and struggles a bit with his speech and language but had also developed a stutter (disfluency). Mum had been told it was stress related because he doesn’t like being in class or in public and feels uncomfortable when people look at him when he’s talking.  Tommy had received therapy from a speech and language therapist but is now discharged from the service as they have…Continue reading Magic Moments – Tommy’s Story