What we do

Through our networks, we can offer a range of support suited to you. Some people prefer online support, others a friendly voice over the phone. And for those who like to meet up occasionally, there are local groups and network contacts. Below are a list of the services we offer to support children and families- please contact us if you’re interested in getting involved.

Open access (Dundee)

Our interactive space is open to the public on Wednesdays- bring your child with you! We have a borrowing library, online and video content plus a host of information which will help you better understand how to support your child. There are play facilities for up to 6 children, chalkboards, arts and crafts, games and toys. We can also offer 1:1 support when required.


A befriending programme for young people aged 17-24  with severe speech and language disabilities.  Based at SLCo’s East Dunbartonshire youth club in Bearsden

Workshops and family days out

Our workshops are open access to parents or carers of children with a primary S&L difficulty. Please get in touch for more information.

Our family days out provide children and their parents/carers to meet one another and make new friends. Sign up to our mailing list or keep an eye on our blog for the latest updates.

Brick clubs

SLCo Brick Club is a social development programme to help children and young people with autism spectrum disorders and social communication difficulties.

Social pedagogy programme

Our social pedagogy programme is a 1 to 1 service aimed at children with more specific difficulties. We work in the child’s natural surrounding and environment: in their own homes and at a suitable time agreed with the parents/carers.

Locally based group meetings

Our group meetings allow parents and carers to share experiences with one another. This gives everyone a chance to connect with like-minded people, and provides excellent peer support for both you and your child.

SL Therapist support service

Please contact us for more information. We can put you in contact to private therapists, costs may apply.

For NHS Speech and Language Therapy please contact your local NHS

Request for SLT Assistance

Anyone can make a Request for Assistance as long as permission has been given by the parent or carer. Parents/carers as well as professionals, can complete and return a Request for Assistance form should there be a concern regarding a child’s communication skills; or their eating, drinking and swallowing needs.

For further information on requesting SLT assistance please visit the Lets Talk website at www.lets-talk.scot.nhs.uk