We need your donations!

Your financial support can have very real effects on the level of service we can provide. We rely on grants, donations and fundraising to keep our services free for those who need them. Over the next 2 years, we are aiming to fundraise £25,000 to cover a shortfall in funding of our core costs.

Any amount you can give is helpful and extremely appreciated – even £5 a month will help us greatly. If you can, we would deeply appreciate recurring donations. They are really helpful for us, as they provide continuous funding without us having to keep asking for it. 

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How your donations will help:

  • £500 Enables us to deliver vital staff training to ensure the highest standards of support to young people.
  • £1000 Meets the building rental charge and administration related stationery costs for 1 year.
  • £2000 Helps us to increase staffing at our children and youth club, and support the cost of our website and e-resources.
  • £2500 Helps support kids’ activities and volunteer costs.
  • £3000 Helps support therapeutic activities for children for 1 year.
  • £3675 Keeps our youth club running for 1 year.
  • £4000 Supports the parent groups and provides practical support for families for 1 year.
  • £5000 Supports a third of the costs of our Befriending service.
  • £7500 Allows the creation of 2 new e-learning modules for parents and carers, to help them support kids at home.
  • £10,000 Enables us to create a new position for a part-time family support worker to support local communities.
  • £15,000 Enables us to create a new position for a part-time family therapist, to help kids with very specific conditions.
  • £20,000+ Helps to support and strengthen our core services and help maintain our capacity to continue supporting hundreds of children and families across Scotland.

Lego brick donations

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We are always looking for donations of LEGO® bricks (or similar alternatives) for our brick clubs. Our brick clubs help to facilitate communication development and social interaction for children and young people that might otherwise find communication challenging. Find out more about brick club »


volunteer with slco

Become a local SLCo recruit and help us raise awareness in your area. We are seeking volunteers in the Dundee, Glasgow and Edinburgh areas to help us with a variety of tasks. Find out more about volunteering with SLCo »