Did You Know?… 10

Did you know?  The challenges for children who have poor language and communication skills are often heightened by emotional struggles and difficulties with regulating their behaviour.  So, what do we know about these things?  How important is it that children are ‘diagnosed’? And if so, what difference does that make to what support they need? …Continue reading Did You Know?… 10

Kate Biss Winter Thoughts

It’s the 15th December and I’m sure that you will be shocked to hear that I don’t have ANY Christmas decorations up in my house!    Life just got rather overwhelming; working away at the beginning of December, coming back to a full week of work and catching up on top.  Not to mention the house,…Continue reading Kate Biss Winter Thoughts

Over & Out- Parent Story

I seem to have lived my whole life waiting. From the beginning my children have needed extra help and all I seem to remember is pleading to doctors, paediatricians, therapists, teachers in schools and all sorts of people, looking for some sort of help. Throughout the years, I have gathered that children are supposed to…Continue reading Over & Out- Parent Story

Did You Know?

To have the best possible start in school, children need a solid foundation of early language and literacy skills. These are the skills that prepare children to read, write, and use the kind of language they’ll be expected to use in school.  The research says:  Children who start school with higher levels of language and…Continue reading Did You Know?

Kate Biss Autumn Thoughts

Be inspired by the changing seasons, help your child to develop their speech, language and communication  The evenings are cooling off now and in the mornings there is heavy dew on the grass.  Let’s begin to think about how to bring autumn into speech and language therapy sessions.  Using the great outdoors and connecting with…Continue reading Kate Biss Autumn Thoughts

SLCo’s Autumn Message

Welcome to our Autumn edition of Voice. We hope you find something of interest. Do let us know if you’d like us to feature a topic in future editions. Many parents ask for advice through our Helpline as they are concerned at the amount of time that young people spend isolated in their bedrooms with…Continue reading SLCo’s Autumn Message

SLCo’s Summer Message

We are really delighted to introduce you to Kate Biss, a highly skilled and experienced independent speech and language therapist who will be working with us to provide up-to-date guidance and helpful resources for parents and carers.  Understanding what speech and language therapists do and how they work with parents to help build children’s language…Continue reading SLCo’s Summer Message